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Who We Are

Your Most Reliable Supplier

Welcome to NSA Mobiles Trading, your go-to wholesale supplier for used and refurbished smartphones. Our dynamic inventory undergoes daily updates, featuring a diverse range of devices, cutting-edge technologies, and various models. As a trusted wholesaler, we take pride in presenting a meticulously curated selection of certified devices, each subjected to rigorous inspection and testing to ensure exceptional performance.

Our Story

The right to communication is a fundamental entitlement for all individuals, and smartphones, as the most convenient gateway to the internet. Our core belief revolves around making technology affordable, accessible, and environmentally friendly to safeguard this fundamental right. In the face of escalating prices and the pressing issue of climate change, the refurbished market emerges as a viable solution, addressing both purchasing power concerns and the imperative for decarbonized consumption.

In tackling these challenges, the mission of NSA Mobiles Trading is to democratize access to electronic devices by actively promoting and facilitating their reuse. Our endeavors contribute to making digital technology accessible to all, serving as a catalyst for social and economic inclusion.

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